Thursday, September 7, 2006

Acamac to Hawaii

September 2006

We are almost finished the show, our 3rd crew is still out jet setting the globe filming for us, sending tapes via fed ex every other day, we are in full gear. Andrew has started the online edit, which is the tweaking of the first 5 episodes, they have to be high-rezed and touched up before they go to the color correction, sound mix and composer. I have taken the task of editing the last 5 episodes, tall order for the amount of time, 5 episodes equals 20 acts of 5 minutes each. Thankfully boy wonder Lauchlan our assistant editor is such a decent editor that I gave him a few acts to help me out and he took a burden off my shoulders by editing a few acts with me. At this point I was sure that I wasn’t going anywhere but the basement to edit, but as it turns out I was asked to go direct the Martin Guitar owner segment in Hawaii…I’m glad it was me to direct this piece as I directed and editing the first act of this story, plus HAWAII!!!, and here comes another opportunity for me to play another Martin D-100 amongst others.

My girlfriend Jessica is a resident doctor in Calgary, we live way to far apart and it drives us nuts. This will hopefully be fixed soon enough, but as it stands we see each other on average every 6 months…not cool. Anyway Jess and I decided that it would be a good idea for her to join me on the Hawaii shoot as Calgary isn’t that far from Hawaii…right? Anyhow, we arrive in Hawaii and meet my new Director of Photograhy Chris Gargus , he also brought is girlfriend with him as well, I was happy about this because while Chris and I where shooting, Christine and Jess got along great and kept each other company. The resort we stayed at was ridiculous, so beautiful, $800 American a night, and we got 2 rooms for 3 nights for free in exchange for including the resort in the story line of the problem! Princeville Resort on the Hanalei Bay is perfect Hawaii, white sands, beautiful surf, green and warm water, and hammocks between palm trees. It was heaven on earth.


Chris and I went to shoot John Anderton who lives on the island and who also owns a Martin D-100 guitar amongst many other beauties like the legendary D-50 series, a D-50 K with Hawaiian Koa wood, plenty of other Martins as well including the legendary OM-45…probably the most valuable and rare guitar on earth…and I got to play it! I love my job. John was an excellent guy, we shot in his front yard that looked over a jungle valley enclosed by huge mountains with one that looks like the silhouette of King Kong.


The end of the episode featured Grammy Award winning Hawaiian guitarist Ken Emerson playing to a small group sitting on the beach between 2 palm trees. Ken is a very cool cat, you know he lives in Hawaii, very laid back, definitively COOL. It was a quick 4 days in Hawaii but it was worth it and to spend time with Jessica was a real blessing.


While I was in Hawaii Andrew took the European leg to England and Monaco to shoot a couple acts

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