Monday, August 7, 2006

Editing in Acamac

August 2006

All I can say is that editing in front of a computer for3 days straight without sleep trying to get a deadline on time is the closest thing to going insane that I have ever experienced. August was filled with plenty of in the basement google eyes on computer screens. It always seemed that the big day of delivery was always a Friday night, not a cool time to pick to be working till 2:00 am. This didn’t stop Andrew and I from living the adventurous lives that we live, every year it is an important tradition to attend the Evolve Music and Awareness Festival in Antigonish Nova Scotia. We worked so hard in August that this was going to be our break, our treat, our taste of sanity…AND what better way to start the festival off Friday night then having Mike Gordon and Ramble Dove headline…yes I was quite excited to say the least being a long time Phish fan and certainly a huge Bluegrass and Mike Gordon fan. But alas, CTV needed a roughed episode delivered again on a Friday night, so Andrew and I worked our butts off to deliver on time, we finished at 1:30 am….yes we missed Ramble Dove. But in true Tidby and Hemmings fashion we decided to make the 5 hour drive and possibly catch some of the DJs early morning in the fields. We made record time arriving in Antigonish in just over 4 hours, but we where in no shape to join the party so we slept for a couple hours in the car in front of the Antigonish liquor store until it opened so we could get our much needed and deserved Keith’s red to get us through the weekend.

The festival was wonderful, lots of peaceful little areas in the woods with hammocks, great food, wonderful people, old friends, tents, workshops, waterfalls, yoga and a ton of a great music all to be capped off with an incredible set by the Be Good Tanya’s, one of my favorite female folk trios. They ended around 10:00 pm, we finally left Evolve around 11:00 pm and made it home early in the morning just in time to start another week of editing…we hadn’t slept a few days, but it was all worth it.

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