Tuesday, May 11, 2010

"The Last Airplane Journal! 100 Blog Posts!"

January 31, 2010

“The Last Airplane Journal?”
Soundtrack: “The sound of an airplane”

One of my joys of my experiments in writing is listening to wonderfully inspiring music as I write, and of course I typically write while flying in airplanes. If you note the date of this blog post you may recall that this past Christmas some yahoo tried to explode an airplane flying into the USA, they failed. I apologize mister bomber, but you are a loser. Because of that complete misfire attempt of being a hero in the terrorist circles, Americans reacted the way they always do…with what I would argue is their best friend, and that is a friend named fear. Fear is the middle name of America, the United States of FEAR America. As a result of the fear, afflicted American Homeland Security geniuses decide to put yet another restriction on our travel experience…no bags for carry ons, and “hey look at me naked” scanners that allow pervert Homeland Security monitoring guards to see the moste detailed dimensions of my intimate bits and pieces. Are we not customers? This is a lame business, can you image us at Hemmings House Pictures forcing people to take transparent photographs of customers before entering our office so we see every physical secret a customer has before entering? Ok, so that’s the worst example I could come up with, but the point of this whole paragraph is that I don’t have my headphones because they wouldn’t let me bring my bag…just my laptop and medicine if I needed it for reasons of staying alive. So all I have is the sound of the turbines jets blowing mass amounts of energy through their casings blasting us from Montreal all the way to the center of the American universe, Washington DC. By the way President Obama, “great job on the state of the union speech, I was impressed. Although your audience house right were really boring, they never got up and cheered and clapped for any of the great things you were saying…maybe they were tired from a long day of working hard keeping the great country of America from moving forward…hmmm.”

I am heading to Washington DC to attend one of my favorite television industry events called the Realscreen Summit. Wrestler Rick Doyle, aka Trash Canyon is joining me so we can pitch our next evolution of Wrestling with Reality…in fact we won the opportunity to be one of five producers to pitch in front of an audience of about 500 people, many of them being broadcasters, for a pitch contest called “So You Think You Can Pitch”. It will be a trip.

A lot has happened since I last wrote in this blog, and when I say a lot, I mean a lot. Things just feel right, we are entering a new decade I need to tell you, I’m stoked, things are looking up, I’m ready to commit to living LIFE!!! We just finished filming our latest CBC documentary for Land and Sea, the documentary is called “Winter Wave Riders” and it is all about these amazing surfers in Nova Scotia who surf all year round. Janine Stricklen, Nico Manos, and Leslie Choyce were featured. It inspired me to learn to become a better surfer, I need to be a daily surfer, and it’s in my blood. There’s a fellow named Fred Hemmings who was a world surf champion from Hawaii, if he has the Hemmings name and is a dope surfer, then why can’t I be? That’s enough motivation I would think! The show airs in March, and I’m excited to start editing.

So here’s the thing, many months ago I said that my post was the last of the “Airplane Journals” (which is the name of this blog. I mostly update this blog when I fly on planes). Embarrassingly it wasn’t my last post, I kept flying, and by habit I kept writing. I started this blog for two reasons, one to learn how to express my feelings and views of the time in words, and secondly to document my life so when I get older, and my baby Kaiya grows up, I can remember the adventures I had, and she can be inspired by them. What if I died today? I would not want to leave this world without my sweet and beautiful Kaiya knowing who her daddy was and what he was all about, that’s a great thing about words; once you write them they can stay for ever…I guess it’s a bit of a legacy thing. I have been very open in this blog, even though there are parts of this blog that discuss supposed taboos like my Christian faith, like my experiences with psychedelic drugs, like my innermost love for my wife and baby, my political views, and my unorthodox adventures.

As a business owner, many of my most trusted advisors and friends have cautioned me about writing too much truth about who I am in my blog. I can understand their perspective as there are some people, maybe some being potential customers, who are diseased with the same affliction that the American public has, the contagious disease called FEAR. People are fearful to express themselves, to express emotions, to cry, to love, to jump off cliffs, to live on the creative edge of life. I was tempted at one point to keep my blog private and not available to people who don’t know me, this was a result of me almost buying into the disease. I value authenticity. When I do business with someone, I need to know they are real. If a potential customer does not value authenticity, I don’t think I want to engage in an intimate working relationship with them, because my business is a business of Holy Spirit inspired creativity. The Creator Of All created truth, art, love and everything else north of the line that separates truth from darkness. Four Letters that form one word from I and I, L-O-V-E. Love is truth, and I try to be as truthful of a human as I can.

Thank you for reading my blog over the last few years. I am convinced that this is my last blog of the “Airplane Journals”. For now on I will be writing authentic blog posts on my company website at www.hemmingshousepictures.com. Go to the blog section. I promise I will try to stay true and authentic, life is way to short to live a lie. I want to BE, and I want to RESPECT, as much as I LOVE. To you the reader I urge you to celebrate truth, be creative, and if you don’t mind me referencing a popular bumper sticker “Dance like no one is watching”. Peace. 

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